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Case study : Office hours, flexibility and home office teleworking


Here is a case study regarding traditional office hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), the evolution of schedules towards more flexibility and teleworking, and how to manage this with the Planningify App.   For several decades, traditional office hours were set in stone, presence from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. sharp, Monday to Friday with […]

Simply fill in overtime and calculate salary with Planningify


Managing working hours, entering overtime and calculating salary can be complex and time-consuming tasks for employees. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions to make this task easier. In this article, we are going to suggest how the “Planningify” app can simplify overtime entry and salary calculation, saving you time and potential errors. Why Overtime Entry is […]

Calculate meal basket premiums and allowances


Planningify app. helps calculation of meal and lunch box allowance, with custom columns.   How to set up, note and view allowances: Go to Planning options Create a “Custom Column” of type “Number” In the schedule, note the allowance for each day (for example 9.90 for 9.90 USD) It is possible to automate this in […]

Planningify allows small businesses to manage their employees’ plannings on the same schedule


The Planningify app allows very small businesses to view their employees’ schedules and overtime on a single roster.   After simplifying the calculation of schedules and worked hours for employees (more than 100,000 active users), Planningify allows employers to view their employees’ worked hours on their smartphone calendar.   Each employee must have a personal […]

Calculate overtime and bonus hours


Tutorial: How to automatically calculate overtime with the Planningify app, plus overtime and compensation. Overtime and increased hours Overtime is the hours of work carried out at the request of the employer, and which exceed the number of hours provided for in the employee’s contract. These overtime hours are generally increased and give the right […]

How to calculate Fortnight working hours


Since 2016, our Planningify app has made it possible to calculate the hours and salaries of the main work cycles: weekly, monthly and yearly. However, some professions use different systems, such as the fortnight or paramedics. Several members of the Ambulance Service de France Facebook group requested to be able to enter their working hours […]

How to sync Planningify with multiple phones, tablets, and calendars


The data and working hours entered by the user are stored locally on the user’s device, and are therefore by default not accessible via the Internet and on other smartphones and computers. Planningify® is of course compatible with external services, and it is very easy to use the application on several different devices, here are […]

How to calculate worked night hours automatically


Calculating the hours worked per day is easy with any spreadsheet, just subtract the departure time from the arrival time (a formula like B1-A1). On the other hand, the calculation of the hours worked at night is much more complex, several calculations and different cases must be managed: arrival before midnight and departure before midnight, […]

How to calculate worked hours, overtime and salary


This tutorial explain how to easily manage work planning, worked hours, extra hours and salary with Planningify app. How to fill in the work timesheet ? First open Planningify app then click on “Planning 1” button. Now you just need to locate the current day (is highlighted, and you can choose any week by clicking […]

A new tool to automatically fill timesheet days, weekdays and shifts


iziTime 8.7.2 is now released for iOS, Android and PC (Windows 10 app). We added a new “batch” tool (only available with full version) to help you to automatically fill days, weekend and shifts.