Privacy policy of:

  • We do not collect any personal data about you
  • We do not use any "cookie"

Privacy policy of: iziTime (Mobile application)

We may collect and share the information collected on your mobile to the following parties for the purposes described
The citizens of the European Union and United Kingdom can oppose it (at the first start of the application, and in the parameters).

AdMob (AdMob Google Inc.)


  • Partners:
    • Apple / iTunes Store (United States of America)
    • Google Play API
    • Microsoft Windows Store
    • HOELT / FOVEA.CC (In-app purchase validator service) (France / U.S.A.)
    • (In-app purchase validator service) (France)
  • We use the following data:
    • Subcriber ID (unique identifier generated for each user of iziTime who purchase a subscription).
    • Subcription informations (type of subscription, price, status, date of purchase/cancellation).
    • Country of residence
    • City of residence
    • * We don't use any personal data.
  • Goal:
    • Check subscription status : Remove ads and activate paid features.
    • Provide performance reports in order to understand performance of subscriptions.
  • If you cancel all of your subscriptions, the Subscriber ID will be reset after 180 days if you do not resubscribe. (iOS only)

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