Privacy policy of:

  • We do not collect any personal data about you
  • We do not use any "cookie"

Privacy policy of: Planningify (Mobile application)

1. The content generated by user (plannings, hours, comments, configuration) is stored on one SQL Database stored locally on the device, on the private directory of the application

  • Data can be freely exported by the user (in JSON format)
  • Data can be removed by deleting Application and Application storage/cache
  • Data are stored only locally on your device
  • You are responsible for your data
  • We do not provide any guarantee regarding the retention or consistency of your data
  • You must do regularly backups, store them on an external medium, and verify them
  • The application is not intended to handle private, confidential or critical data
  • You must never store any private, confidential or critical data, but only your working hours
  • We advise you to protect access to the app with a password (via the operating system settings or through external software)

2. The following strictly necessary technical informations (not related to any personal data, not used for tracking purpose) are necessary for the functioning of app, and are stored locally on the device, on "Local storage":

  • User preferences (language, calendar options, theme and colors, csv settings)
  • App version and date of last version check (used to inform user when a new version is available)
  • Date of last "Backup of data" (used to inform user that the backup was not done since long time)
  • Status and expiration date of subscriptions (used to activate "Ad-free version" and "Full version")
* The data can be deleted by deleting Application and Application storage

3. Synchronisation "Planning" to "Calendar"

  • The user can link "Planning" to any "Calendar" of iOS/Android device (in "Planning settings").
  • In this case, one technical information (contains Planning internal number and Calendar code/name) is stored locally on the device, on the "Local storage" of the application.
  • The "link" can be removed at any time, in "Planning settings".
  • When user set/change "Planning hours", a new "Calendar event" is automatically created/updated for each Day/Shift.
  • When user delete a "Planning hours", the "Calendar event" is automatically deleted.
  • The created "Calendar events" automatically get the "iOS/Android calendar" preferences (Shared calendar, automatic send of e-mails and reminders...) and use them.

We may collect and share the information collected on your mobile to the following parties for the purposes described
The citizens of the European Union and United Kingdom can oppose it (at the first start of the application, and in the parameters).

4. AdMob (AdMob Google Inc.)

5. Payments
  • The processing of receipts for in-app purchases is carried out by Fovea.Billing (the "service") published by the Iaptic SAS, 128 rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris, France (the "service provider") - Receipts for your purchases on App Store / Google Play / Microsoft Store are processed there in order to validate the functionalities activated by the users of the mobile application. No other personal data is processed or stored.
  • The service provider does not keep any information or personal identifier, allowing the identification of users. [case 2 only: These data are only associated with an anonymous key.]
  • The data is not used for any purpose other than that necessary for the service provided, in the strictest respect of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 ("RGPD").
  • The service provider also sends us information on your purchases as presented by partners whose privacy policies can be viewed at the following addresses.
  • The service provider keeps log data about the events of its network and computer applications. Some of this log data will include information about visitors and / or authorized users of a customer's domains, networks, websites, application programming interfaces (APIs) or applications. This metadata contains extremely limited personal data, most often in the form of IP addresses. They are kept for a limited period only for the purpose of troubleshooting and dealing with any incidents.
  • Goal:
    • Check subscription status : Remove ads and activate paid features.
    • Provide performance reports in order to understand performance of subscriptions.

6. Dropbox
  • The user can manually save / load their data (JSON file containing the "schedules" entered) to a Dropbox account
  • The application only has access to the application's private directory
  • A "connection token" (technical) is saved to make the connection between the application and Dropbox

Privacy policy of: Planningify (PRO Version)

  • We do not collect any personal data about you