Calculate working time, overtime and salary. Planningify app was previously called "izitime-planning" (iOS/Android).

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👍 Only one screen (calendar) to easily clock in and clock out each day and week your worked hours (arrival time, departure, breaks, comments and notes, hourly rate...). Create and use predefined hour templates (morning week, evening week…)

🖩 Overtime wizard to automatically calculate extra and overtime hours in only one click ! Total duration = Expected hours - Worked hours.

🖶 Reports and PDF timesheets are printable (total of worked hours per planning, day, month and year. You can save your hours to any spreadsheet software like Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers or OpenOffice (csv-friendly).

% Daily paid hourly rate can be changed (ex: 120% paid), any comment and note can be added to save the tasks to be performed, days off, blank holidays, sickness, duty, business trips, meals and mileage expenses...

📆 Our calendar is compatible with any kind of schedule or job : shift work (morning week, afternoon, evening and night), shifts, office job as well as shifted and variable hours. Freelancers and projects managers can invoice time spent for each client and activity (One planing per customer).

⚽ Also suitable for sport activity tracking, social working and school timetable.

☆ Features:
- One or multiple agendas
- Synchronisation Planning / Calendar
- Custom columns
- Computed / Calculated columns with Formulas (ex: Salary calculation...)
- Predefined schedule templates
- Print timesheet and PDF export to Drive and e-mail
- Automatic calculation of extra and overtime hours
- Compatibility : Data import (csv), export to spreadsheet (gross and net wage and salary calculation, transfer to third party...)
- Tailorable and customizable schedule (columns, colors, locale, first day of the week)
- Synchronize with Dropbox (optional) and share between multiple devices
- Dark mode option to save energy