Planningify allows small businesses to manage their employees’ plannings on the same schedule


The Planningify app allows very small businesses to view their employees’ schedules and overtime on a single roster.


After simplifying the calculation of schedules and worked hours for employees (more than 100,000 active users), Planningify allows employers to view their employees’ worked hours on their smartphone calendar.


Each employee must have a personal iOS or Android smartphone with the Planningify app installed. Each working hour entered is automatically transmitted to a calendar that can be shared with the manager. This one then has a complete view of all the schedules on the same agenda. The employee can also add comments and notes for each day (leave, mission, work location, etc.).


The implementation is simple, the user creates a calendar in the default app of the smartphone, “shares” it automatically with his employer, then clicks on “Synchronize Planningify with a calendar” in the application. This automated feature is not free, but inexpensive, less than €10 per year/employee (via an iCloud or Google Play subscription).


However, it is still possible to send the timetables to your employer each week, free of charge, in csv format (for integration into a spreadsheet), or in PDF printable format.


Here are the main features of the application:


  1. Entering daily schedules is quick and easy.

The user enters their arrival and departure times each day, the number of hours of unpaid breaks, as well as any overtime, comments, etc.

The app manages up to two shifts per day (e.g. for restaurants), and also allows automatic entry of schedules for shift work. The user notes the hours of each shift (morning, noon, evening) then applies each shift to each day.


  1. Calculation of overtime

Simply create a “Schedule model” with a total number of hours per week (for example 35h), then the application can automatically calculate the number of overtime hours worked, for each week.


  1. The application remains easy to use while being customizable

It is possible to define hourly rates (ex: day paid 85%), customized columns (meal basket, worksite, etc.), computed columns calculated using spreadsheet-style formulas, for example: Salary = Number of hours worked x Hourly wage + Number of overtime hours + 25%. Many examples are provided in the application.


The developer says: “The goal of the application is to allow all users, employees, freelancers and employers, to manage their schedules in the easiest way, while remaining highly customizable and adaptable. The app is currently used by a large number of countries and different jobs that have adopted and customised the use of the app. users Facebook groups exist and allow users to discuss and share their best practices and calculation formulas, and to expose their problems.


The app is particularly used by paramedics and the transport sector, because the app makes it easy to manage hourly rates and the calculation of allowances, to ensure that you receive a fair wage. The hotel and catering industry appreciates the fact of being able to define two shifts per day, and the small businesses of being able to manage the schedules of their employees.


Thanks to this initiative, Planningify wishes to collect feedback from users in order to refine its service and constitute a “Type Model” for each activity server. The personalization needs of the different professions are very different and the idea is to offer a dedicated Planningify app to each job.


Some key figures :

  • Over 300,000 downloads on iOS.
  • Over 100,000 downloads on Android.
  • An application mainly used in the following countries: France, Italy, Vietnam, Germany and Poland.