Simply fill in overtime and calculate salary with Planningify


Managing working hours, entering overtime and calculating salary can be complex and time-consuming tasks for employees. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions to make this task easier. In this article, we are going to suggest how the “Planningify” app can simplify overtime entry and salary calculation, saving you time and potential errors.

Why Overtime Entry is Important
Accurately capturing overtime is crucial to ensuring workers receive fair pay. It is also essential for employers, as it ensures that they comply with working hour laws and labor regulations.

Entering Overtime
Planningify offers a complete solution for working time management, including recording overtime. Here’s how the app can simplify this process:

  1. Easy Recording of Working Hours: Enter your regular and overtime working hours directly in the app. No more need to fill in timesheets manually, saving paper and it’s a good ecological gesture for the planet!
  2. Automatic calculation of overtime: Planningify automatically calculates overtime based on usual schedules (* only in the full version). This ensures that you are paid correctly for your support hours actually performed, including your premium hourly rates!
  3. If necessary (if you have a printer configured on your phone), you can export your timesheet in PDF format or even print it.

Simplified Salary Calculation
In addition to entering overtime, the app also simplifies the calculation of final salary.
The application is capable (full version) of calculating your salary with Excel-type calculation formulas, numerous examples are presented in the app and in the user manual.

In summary, the “Planningify” application simplifies the entry of overtime and the calculation of salary, which benefits employees, and can even benefit employers if their employees use the application and send them their timesheet (via e -mail, dropbox account, or even via iOS or Google Calendar sharing).

By using this solution, you can save time, reduce errors and ensure you are paid fairly.

Download the App directly from the App Store and Google Play.