A new tool to automatically fill timesheet days, weekdays and shifts


iziTime 8.7.2 is now released for iOS, Android and PC (Windows 10 app). We added a new “batch” tool (only available with full version) to help you to automatically fill days, weekend and shifts.

Before this version, you could only fill hours by clicking one day then filling data manually (this is time consuming when you have always the same hours to fill), or by copying hours from last week or from one pre-filled template.

Now, you can select multiple days on the same calendar view then apply up to 4 data, then you just need to click on “Apply” button. To access the new tool, go to Homepage, click on your “Planning”, then click on the Action button (top-right of the screen), then click “Wizard”.

How to use the tool ?
1. Click on the “Shift 1” (blue button)
2. Select one or multiple days
3. If you need, you can define up to 4 Shifts (data hours)
4. When you have finished, click on “Apply”

What can I do with the tool ?
1. As a shift worker, you can define morning, afternoon and night shifts and design their planning very easily with colors dots
2. You can apply the same modification simultaneously to several days (change hour, add comments, change day icon and color, change Customised columns, overtime and paid hours coefficient)
3. You can manage your sickness and holidays by selecting a range of days, for example put “green” color for holiday and “red” for disease period
4. Is also possible to “delete” days by choosing “Erase data before”

Please contact us if you have any questions.