Calculate overtime and bonus hours


Tutorial: How to automatically calculate overtime with the Planningify app, plus overtime and compensation.

Overtime and increased hours

Overtime is the hours of work carried out at the request of the employer, and which exceed the number of hours provided for in the employee’s contract. These overtime hours are generally increased and give the right to a more favorable remuneration (increased hourly rate) and/or hours of compensatory rest.

There is a maximum number of hours authorized per day and per year (“annual quota”) depending on the sector of activity, the company’s collective agreement, the agreements negotiated between union representatives and employer groups, the collective company agreement, professional branch agreement…

The Planningify app allows you to calculate the number of overtime hours worked per week, or fortnight, and display the total number per month and year. The calculation is made by automatically comparing the number of hours worked with the basic hours. The calculated hours can be modified by the user (for example, to not take into account certain days of sick leave), or to manage a “modulation” counter.

For example: “I am paid €12 per hour, I have a 35-hour weekly contract, and I have worked 42 hours, so I have 7 overtime hours increased by 50%, so I must receive €420 gross + 42€ extra for the week.”

Implementation of the calculation of overtime

Example of setting up the calculation for a 35-hour job. The features presented here are accessible to all users (free version also).

This involves choosing fixed times for each day (example 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday), but don’t worry if you have variable days or times because the total duration taken into account will always be “Total week / fortnight ” and not the daily total.

  1. Go to “Menu” > “Models” > “Create”
    1. Choose a title, for example “35-hour week”
    2. Choose “Arrival time” = 09:00 and “Departure time” = “16:00” from Monday to Friday
    3. Validate
  2. Go to “Menu” > “Schedule” > “Options”
    1. Activate the “Overtime” option
    2. Commit changes
  3. Go to “Menu” > “Schedule”
    1. Enter your hours worked (as usual)
    2. At the end of each week, click on the “Actions” button (top right)
    3. In the menu, click on “Calculate overtime” then “35-hour week”
    4. The app calculates the number of hours per day/week (possible to modify the calculated hours, and even to have negative hours)
    5. Validate
  4. The number of overtime hours is displayed in the Schedule, and also in all Reports (week, month, year)

Calculation of salary and recovery hours

The features shown above require the full version (with subscription). The implementation is simple and accessible in the planning options (see “Calculated columns”), the results are then visible in the reports “with comments”. Here are some examples.

1. Monthly salary (salary of €12.34/hour) with 50% increase for overtime.

  • Title: “Salary” or “Wage”
  • Display Type / Format: “Number –> 02:30”
  • Formula type: “Totals”
  • Reports:
    • Week / Days: No
    • Months / Days: Yes
    • Year / Month: Yes
  • Formula:12.34 * ( (#DURATION# – #OVERTIME#) / 60 + (#OVERTIME# / 60 * 1.5)

With 40 hours worked, you would have 35 hours paid €431.90 + €92.55 increased = €524.45 in total.


2. Bonus in recovery hours

  • Title: “Recovery”
  • Display Type / Format: “Number –> 02:30”
  • Formula type: “Totals”
  • Reports:
    • Week / Days: No
    • Months / Days: Yes
    • Year / Month: Yes
  • Formula:#OVERTIME# * 1.5

With 10 extra hours, you would have 15 hours of recovery/modulation.

To get further

The Planningify app is easy to use but allows many modifications and complex customizations (custom calculation formulas). Examples of formulas are presented in the application, but we strongly advise you to join our Facebook Support Group, you will be able to communicate with other users and share your ideas and formulas! We also have a Reedit and Discord group.