How to sync Planningify with multiple phones, tablets, and calendars


The data and working hours entered by the user are stored locally on the user’s device, and are therefore by default not accessible via the Internet and on other smartphones and computers.

Planningify® is of course compatible with external services, and it is very easy to use the application on several different devices, here are different solutions.

1. Synchronization with Dropbox
A free Dropbox account is required, the same email must be used on all devices. It is advisable to have a recent version of the application on each device as new features are regularly offered.

Steps to follow:
– On the 1st device: Click on “Save to Dropbox” on the first page, that of the schedules.
– Then, on each of the other devices: Click on “Upload from Dropbox”.
– You must then repeat the same operation (“Load”, modify the times, “Save”) each time the device is changed.

Security has been implemented to avoid user errors, to avoid replacing the recent backup with an older backup.

2. File transfer or email
It is also possible to export the data in CSV format, by e-mail (from the schedule options).

On Android, PC and Windows 10, it is also possible to export and import the backup to Google Drive, to an SD card or to any compatible “File System”.

3. Automatically synchronize each schedule to any “Calendar”, and make them read-only remotely
Each Schedule can be linked to a “Calendar”, and a “Calendar event” will be created automatically for each time entered. Synchronization is currently not compatible with the Win10 version. The full version of the application is required, and e-mail management software must be installed, for example “Mail” or “Gmail.” Just go to the planning options then click on the link below “Calendars.” Each calendar must be associated to a single schedule.

Events are always created by Planningify and it is not possible to import changes made directly into the calendar application. But it is possible to give access (read-only) to other people. To learn more, just search for the following phrases on any search engine:
– How to share an iCloud calendar
– How to share a Google calendar