How to calculate worked hours, overtime and salary


This tutorial explain how to easily manage work planning, worked hours, extra hours and salary with Planningify app.

How to fill in the work timesheet ?

First open Planningify app then click on “Planning 1” button.

Now you just need to locate the current day (is highlighted, and you can choose any week by clicking on the week header) then click on cells to choose arrival, departure and break time. The effective working duration is automatically calculated like this : end time – start time – breaks.

To set a day as vacation or bank holiday, touch the day number to choose a color and/or icon.

PDF Reports with the total number of worked hours per week and months are available, printable and shareable to any compatible spreadsheet software.

How to calculate extra and overtime hours ?

To calculate extra time for weekly-basis paid jobs, activate the Overtime free option in the settings of Planning, then create one Template (only available in full version) with the standard hours for each day, then click on “Calculate overtime hours” on your planning and you will see the number of extra hours done per day and week.
Is also possible to manually set the value of overtime for jobs with an irregular schedule, and to use it as a modulation counter (manage negative and positive time), to track and manage recovery hours.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a regular schedule (the duration to do each day varies sometimes), in this case take only in account the “total overtime”.

How to calculate salary and wage ?

To know how much money you earned, full version is needed. Just go to planning settings, click on “Computed column”, look examples then choose a Salary calculation formula. The salary will be shown on all reports “with comments”. Multiple formulas are provided, from the simplest salary calculation, to the more complex with management of overtime, night hours, bonus and extras rates).
Example of the simplest formula: #DURATION#/60 * 12.34 (it means that the pay is calculated by multiplying the total number of hours worked by 12,34 per hour).

Planningify was previously known as iziTime, but is still compatible with the last versions.